This is the excerpt for your very first post.


First of all- Hi.

This is the blog I’ll be keeping during my Young Adult Volunteer year.  So if you’re someone who wants to learn more about what I’ll be doing over the next year, and why I’ll be doing it, by the end of my YAV experience there should be somewhere between a few, and maybe even more than that, posts to satisfy your curiosity.

I titled this post “FAQ,” not because I have frequently been asked any questions in particular so far, but simply because I’d like to go ahead and address any questions that might come up.

Question 1- Where will you be serving, and what led you to that site?
I will be serving in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I was really drawn to the site mostly because of its focus on interfaith relations.  Not long ago I researched, wrote, and presented on an issue facing the Christian Church for my Capstone project, the culmination of my degree in Christian Education.  I focused my project on the refugee crisis, and in my research I learned a lot about the role interfaith relations play in how well or poorly the Church is able to live out its call in the world.  I believe that improving the relationships between Christianity and other faith backgrounds will do a lot to improve the world we live in, and to love others the way God calls us to.  I am looking forward to being a part of that effort during my time in Indy.

Question 2- What’s with the title of your blog?
“Carrying a Cat by its Tail” is a reference to the Mark Twain quote seen at the top of the main page of my blog.  Over the course of this year, I hope to learn a lot about my role in the world, and how I can serve others.  I spent the last four years of my life at Presbyterian College, where the motto is “While we live, we serve.”  I learned a lot about the value of service while I was there, but now I want to continue that education.  The things I hope to learn during my YAV experience are things I could read about, and have plenty of educated conversations about, but just like carrying a cat by its tail, I will never really understand them and their complete significance unless I experience them.  I hope that those lessons are something I will fully appreciate for the rest of my life.

Question 3- What are your plans after YAV?
I’d be lying if I said buying time to figure out an answer to questions like that wasn’t part of what led me to apply for YAV in the first place.  I honestly have no real clue what I’ll be dong a year and a half from now, but that’s something I expect will change some as a result of my experiences as a YAV.

Question 4- Would you rather be able to fly, but only in doggy-paddle style and at doggy-paddle speeds, or run upwards of a hundred miles per hour, but only for short distances?
Run upwards of a hundred miles per hour for short distances.

Question 5- How can I support you during your year?
This question is a little weird for me because I usually prefer to do things on my own if I think I can swing it.  But I know from what others have told me that this will be a trying year at times, and I definitely will not get through it without help.  For one thing, I need to raise at least $3,000 even to do it in the first place, which is something I obviously can’t do on my own.  If you’d like to help with that, feel free to contact me and I can answer any questions you have and let you know how to direct your funds.  But beyond that, if you want to keep me in your thoughts and prayers, keep up with the blog (as long as I keep up with my end of it), and stay in contact throughout this process, I’d be more than grateful for that.

I want to say that I’m deeply thankful for those of you who have supported me so far, in this and other endeavors, and for those of you who will support me in this as I move forward.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything, I’d be happy to hear from/talk with you at any point.

Wish me luck.


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